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Wondered how Dance Niche came to be? Come and read about how it all began and the face behind it!

Meet our founder

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Meet our founder

Meet our founder

Dance Niche was founded by Alicia Jelley.


“I had danced as a teenager until the grindstone of early adult life took over. After carving a career as a mobile nail technician, getting married and welcoming 2 beautiful girls to our family, I was looking for something that would be solely  for myself. Something that would resonate with who I was as my own identity, not just a mother. I found dance again.

Since returning to dance, it has reignighted my true passion. Dance is the launguage of the soul, and this deeply expressive art form is liberating, transporting you to a different world entirely! I wanted to share my passion with others, and inspire the next generation of dancers and so Dance Niche was born!”

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