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Mental Health Workshops For Dancers

Mental Health Workshops For Dancers

Thankfully, since the last time I wrote about the subject, Mental Health In Dancers | Why Is No-one Talking About It? , it has become a much more talked about topic. That is almost certainly down to the persistent Terry Hyde of Counselling For Dancers

Terry has campaigned tirelessly to bring this subject to the forefront of the dance world, creating a specialist workshop and touring the world, delivering his advice and information direct to dance schools and conservatoires. This time, he has teamed up with non other than Biscuit Ballerina aka Shelby Williams, who is a renowned figure in the dance world for her tongue in cheek view of dance life problems. With her satire and huge public presence, and Terry’s vast knowledge of mental health and a past career in dance (you can check out his credentials in the article linked above) they make for a powerful duo, breaking down the stigma that is still attached to this topic.

Their workshops have already proved immensely popular and insightful. Shelby touches on themes such as perfectionism, anxiety, competition, and burnout while also linking them to modern day triggers such highly curated social media and FOMO culture. As an advocate for open discussion about mental health, she helps to normalize and destigmatize the complex emotional and mental pressure dancers face throughout their training and into their careers. By finding humour in dancers’ obsessions, Shelby as Biscuit Ballerina creates breathing room between the hard work and the dancer so that there is space for a more objective reflection on the big picture and a stronger ability to confront and overcome mental struggles tied to dance.

Terry talks about mental health self-care for dancers, touching on transitions, injuries and ways in which we can change to a more positive way of thinking. He discusses the symptoms of anxiety and depression, giving some relaxation and breathing exercises. Terry also demonstrates, with the help of volunteers, how to control pain and how to learn combinations, solos etc. without actually moving. All topics which I’m sure you’ll agree are current and relevant to today’s dancers.

Terry and Shelby have 2 upcoming workshops in the UK, 1st December in Manchester (which I have been invited to attend to report back to you all) and 8th December in Edinburgh. You can find the eventbrite links for tickets to the workshops below. Dance Niche readers have access to 10% discount with codes.

Manchester Workshop use MANCH10

Edinburgh Workshop use EDIN10

Terry’s workshops present an opportunity to educate yourself and others about one of the more prevalent yet taboo problems facing dancers today, and a chance to see Biscuit Ballerina in the flesh! Healthy mind, healthy body.

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