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Skin Care For Dancers | How to look after your skin

Skin Care For Dancers | How to look after your skin

As dancers, we are well used to looking after our bodies, stretching, strengthening, what we put in it. But do we stop and think about what we put on it?!

The skin is our largest organ. It protects us, it alerts us and it regulates our temperature. All this without us even having to think about it. But we need to think about it more and stop taking it for granted.

Do you suffer from regular breakouts and can’t pinpoint a cause?! There are many reasons we can suddenly get an attack of spots and blocked pores – hormone inbalance, diet, stress. But one common cause is inadequate care and attention.

Dancers spend hours upon hours in rehearsals, often spending all day working tirelessly to perfect their craft. Countless hours of putting blood, sweat and tears into an upcoming performance or honing their technique, but let’s just think about that for a second. Think about how much sweat is sitting on the skin before there’s a chance to shower it off.

Sweat is the body’s main response to exercise. It helps to cool the body down and regulate our temperature. It also helps the body to excrete any toxins out through our pores. Those toxins then sit on the skins surface until washed away. It’s these toxins that cause bacteria which in turn cause blemishes and spots.

How often do you touch your face?? It’s often more than you realise. Every time we touch our face, we are transfering dirt and grime from our hands onto our face, which blocks our pores. Our body then sweats to rid itself of toxins, out through our pores. If those pores are blocked, the toxins build up behind, becoming inflamed and infected – spots!

When you’re stuck in a studio from dawn until dusk, there’s little you can do. Having a towel in your bag to mop up sweat, preventing it from sitting on the skin is a good idea. Perhaps even carrying some face or baby wipes in your bag, to cleanse and freshen up during lunch is another.

What about during performances?! Think of the heavy stage make up required for each show, that has to stay out under the glaring lights, and we still sweat with make up on! Not a nice combination. And how do you remove that make up? Quite often, stage make up will need something stronger than usual to strip it away, which by it’s nature, also strips away the natural moisture of the skin, leaving it dry and sensitive.The best way you can look after and protect your skin is to have a good solid skincare routine, with quality products. I’ve recently been introduced to Bao Skincare.

Beth’s Aromatherapy Organic founded by Beth, after being in the beauty indusrty for over 10 years, and suddenly developing skin irritation and blemishes due to medication for Crohns disease. She wanted to create a skincare brand that was completely organic – free from nasty parabens, harsh chemicals and wax. All of the products are handmade from plant extracts and natural ingredients. This means they are cruelty free and in most cases, suitable for vegans.

I’ve been using the Orange & Bergamot Face Wash morning and night. The first thing I noticed was the smell. The citrus really bursts through, and is wonderfully refreshing in the morning. The second thing I noticed was when I rinsed it off. Usually with most other products I’ve used, I feel a slight tightening sensation to my skin. Being in the beauty trade myself, I know this is from dehydration – the lack of moisture. I would instantly need to moisturise to relieve the feeling. With Bao’s Orange & Bergamot Face Wash, I did not get that sensation at all. My skin felt instantly silky smooth.

I followed this by using their Face Recovery Moisturiser. It’s beautifully light to the touch, and blends and absorbs swiftly into the skin, without leaving a residue, so I felt able to apply make up directly after if I needed to. Due to the gentle cleansing of the face wash, I actually needed a very minimal amount of cream to effectively moisturize my face.

Lastly, I’ve been trying out Bao’s Coconut Lip Balm. Made from only 3 ingredients, this one isn’t suitable for vegans, as it contains natural bees was, however Beth has created an alternative lip balm that is 100% suitable for vegans – happy days. During long classes or rehearsals, I tend to get dry lips. Bao’s lip balm is perfect for keeping in my bag, and applying as necessary. The great thing about it, is that it nourishes and dehydrated my lips without being gloopy or overly sticky. It’s also scent free – I dislike tasting my lip balm! I’ve found it ideal to apply before my staple red lipstick – which doesn’t apply well on its own to dry, cracked and flaky lips! The lip balm efficiently moisturises and softens my lips, allowing the lipstick to apply smoothly and blotch free.

All in all, I’ve been hugely impressed with my new additions to my skincare routine. The fact that they are handmade, 100% cruelty free and organic, only adds to their appeal. It’s safe to say, they will be a permanent addition.

You can read more about Beth, Bao’s philosophy and all their products on their website with a 15% discount for new customers.

Look after the skin you’re in,

Dance Niche

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