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Working girl

Working girl

Mondays are my usual working day as a mobile beautician and nail technician. My mum comes up to ours and looks after the girls for me until  Glyn arrives back from work to take over. I try and squeeze as many clients in on a Monday as I can, as I know I have the childcare. I also have another day in the week,  not as busy, just used for any appointments that couldn’t be fit into the Monday. The girls go off to Glyn’s parents house on that day.
Now, on a Monday, I usually have just enough time to drop Sofia off at school, come back, pack my bags and prepare my lunch, dinner and snacks for the day. Brings a whole meaning to meals on wheels! Then I’m out the door as soon as my mum arrives to take care of Amelia. I don’t return until late evening. My mum does a couple of jobs for me around the house during the day, but let’s face it, cleaning with children around is like brushing your teeth whilst eating Oreo biscuits! And Glyn does what he can when he gets in, but the girls usually have swimming practice on Monday evenings, and tea-bath-bed routine is the most hectic of them all.

I often come home and see a list of jobs that I have to do the next day before I’ve even gone to sleep! And not that it would be hugely noticeable to anyone else, it’s all I see and it’s consuming! Talk about  throwing the towel in before you’ve even started, but that would just add to the list!

Tuesdays are a double edge sword. I’m tied between doing all the jobs that need doing and spending some quality time with my girls, drawing, playing, snuggling, all the things that I missed out on the day before. I can’t win. There’s a meme with 3 choices; happy children, clean house, and sanity. You can only choose 2. This is me on a Tuesday. It’s a battle. If I do all the chores, I have satisfaction of a tidy house and clarity of mind that it brings, yet feel insanely guilty for letting the girls be babysat by the TV. On the other hand, if I spend the time with the girls, the house looks increasingly like a bomb site as the hours go by, and if visitors come by, I’ll feel like hiding in the bath as apposed to letting them in. That’s if they could get in over the sea of toys!

So I’m often left feeling completely flat and unmotivated, like today. And there’s only one thing for it, chocolate, snuggles and lots of Disney movies with the girls. The house can wait till tomorrow, I’m busy loving my girls. Just don’t come round to visit on a Tuesday, you won’t get past the door!

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  1. I don’t work but my house is a sea of toys most days. I like to think its a sign of a happy child. I’ve seen a quote that’s something like “excuse the mess, my children are busy making memories”, which I love!

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