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Bank Holiday Blues

Bank Holiday Blues

We all work hard all week, and count down to the weekend. A weekend of lazy morning cuddles in bed, leisurely breakfasts with the whole family and pjs till midday. Even more so when it’s a Bank Holiday weekend! Oh the excitement for what’s in store on the very special extra day off!!! Ours turned out to be a bit of a wash out, and it was nothing to do with the Great Britiah Weather!

Our family life is pretty busy day to day. Non more so then for my husband. Life as a successful Chartered Accountant is never ending. 3 days a week he’s in the local office and the other 2 are spent taking care of the office in Manchester, meaning in those days he doesn’t get to see the girls as he leaves before they get up and arrives back after bedtime. The drive itself must be mentally exhausting, and that’s before he has to sit at a screen with hundreds of figures in front of him, trying to save companies hundreds and thousands of pounds. Even when he gets home and on weekends, he is still answering work related emails that simply cannot wait. Not many make it to the level he is at purely because of the work load, deadlines and stress! What I do in a day is nothing compared to him, and he does it for us, to give us a better life.

We are currently in the middle of having an extension on our house, well more like half a house at the moment! When Glyn isn’t working, there’s physical jobs he has to get done. I mean, ladder climbing, tile placing, knocking down walls kind of jobs! Although give me a sledge hammer after a stressful day with the girls, and I’d have it down in a jiffy! When there’s a spare day that we’re not visiting someone, or don’t have commitments, it’s spent at home doing other vital jobs to get the house finished. Jon Snow knows that “winter is coming” and if our past summers are anything to go by, winter will be here before we know it!

This weekend, we had nothing specific organised. We had a do to go to on Saturday night but that was it. So after picking the girls up from their grandparents, we spent the rest of Sunday unpacking our overnight bags, doing little chores and trying to finish that Frozen jigsaw the girls for at Christmas only to find we were a piece missing!!! Dinner time came and went and before we knew it the girls were in bed and we were snuggled up on the sofa. Bank Holiday Monday was the topic of conversation. It didn’t go well. 

Glyn didn’t really fancy going anywhere special as there would undoubtably be traffic, and he was tired. He just wanted to relax at home and spend time with the girls. The thought of spending another day sat at home killed me, drove me insane! I spend 90% of my time in our little unfinished house, and not to sound ungrateful, but it really affects your mood! I just wanted to go out, spend quality time with my little family doing things that people do on Bank Holidays! Is that so selfish? But then I think of how hard Glyn works all of the time. I can’t begrudge him 1 day off to slouch around the house. Everyone needs a day like that, right? 

So it ended on a sour note. I hate it when we don’t get along. We just couldn’t agree on this topic. I felt guilty for trying to deny Gltn of some much needed down time. I felt guilty of the fact that we hadn’t taken the girls somewhere, to experience something, so they could tell the teacher about all about it the next day. I felt guilty for wasting a precious day of us all being together. Being a Mummy sure makes you feel guilty a lot!! And I felt angry. Angry withy self for feeling so guilty over everything andet it spoil the mood for the rest of the day. 

Do we put too much pressure on ourselves to do ‘something’ on days like Bank Holidays? To do something so awesome that the girls can’t wait to tell everyone in school about and will remember it for years to come. To compete with the other super mums, who take their children on day trips all over the country!! But I’ll tell you this, my girls are happy. They don’t care if they haven’t been to Lego Land, or Peppa Pig World. They care that their parents have spent time with them, regardless of wether that’s in some theme park miles away, or spent in the four walls that they call home. They care that we had special snuggles on the sofa, watching a Disney movie for the hundredth time. They care that we turned the whole house upside down and found the missing piece of jigsaw so they could finally complete it! Didn’t matter that I had to clean it all up again, it was worth it to see their delighted faces at finding Elsa’s hand and putting it in place. 

Next time we have a precious day off, I’m not going to beat myself up on the fact that we didn’t do something exciting, but be happy in the fact we spent it together as a little unit, as days like that in a busy family are few and far between. You can make memories anywhere, but all they will remember is that you were with them, and that’s what they will treasure the most. 💗

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